Digital Strips 146 – Zuda Watch 7

It’s a month full of fantasy paintings, crappy word balloons, and surprisingly, not a zombie in site. It’s Zuda Watch for October 2008. We learn a lot about our selves, what kind of comics we like, what kind we don’t like and how important the basics really are when it comes to making a really great comic. Come and learn with us won’t you.

Digital Strips 146


7 thoughts on “Digital Strips 146 – Zuda Watch 7

  1. Hey guys, I’m the creator for Azure, one fo the comics you guys reviewed in this months zudawatch, and I wanted to thank you for the review – the good and the bad. Brigid, in particular – thanks for the kind words on the artwork 🙂 I’ve been listening to the podcasts for a few months now and love what you guys are doing for webcomics. Don’t stop!

  2. Thanks for listening, Daniel! It’s good to hear you like what we’re offering, both the good and the bad. That means we’re at least doing something to make the bad constructive in some way.

    Also way to go on the surge! Yours was certainly one of our collective favorites and we wish you and the other competitors good luck in the remaining days. More giant sharks, please!

  3. Thank you so much for the great review of Terrestrial. It is really satisfying to hear that someone picked up on all the little story and art elements that I tried to work in there. Listening to this really brightened my day. Thanks.

  4. Hey guys. Daren Strange, editor on World of Chi here. I wanted to give my sincere thanks for the review! And I also wanted to address 2 “concerns” from it if that’s cool.

    As far as the title, it was named “World of Chi: Chronicles” (in that order) on purpose because there are 2 other series planned, WoC: Previsions and WoC: Assailment. The 3 series connect at certain points, but they focus on different main characters.

    Regarding Brigid’s concern over poor Kahbi being beaten so much, this was definitely done on purpose and in no way did we “almost enjoy it” as was speculated. But the continual beating was done to make the reader want it to stop. If it conveyed that feeling for Steve and Jason then we did our job. Both Lewis (creator and writer) and I are fathers so we definitely understand where Brigid’s coming from in that respect, but it seems for the most part we achieved our goal. You should hate these guys for treating her like that.

    Again, thanks so much for the review – the good and bad. We enjoyed listening to it!

    Daren Strange

  5. Hi Daren,

    Yup, you did the job all right. I think it would not have been so bad if the comic had been longer—with just eight pages, there wasn’t enough time for me to get any satisfaction from seeing the bad guys get their just deserts.

  6. Heya Brigid. Yeah, I agree. In 8 pages it seems like a lot, but if you consider it’s planned as an ongoing series and each issue will have, say 24 pages, it’s not too bad in the over all scheme of things. It sets up Chi as a brutal world. But, yes, it definitely takes on a different PoV when it’s the bulk of the 8 pages.

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