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Hmm, this is interesting: Chuck Rozakis, who has a background in economics, is writing about the theory of webcomics at ComicMix. Check out his latest column on the Superstar Theory, or why we can’t all be Scott Kurtz.

Speaking of Scott Kurtz, he and Dave Kellett will be speaking about webcomics tonight at SCAD.

Here’s a nice freebie from Dark Horse: They are posting vol. 1 of Banya The Explosive Delivery Man online, for free, a chapter at a time. It’s a Korean comic (manhwa) and, as you would expect from the title, pretty violent but also nicely drawn and worth a look.

Ambrosia Comics has gone on hiatus, and they have released creators from their contracts, which is refreshing.

Inspired by visits to two conventions in two weeks, where she met lots of artists and saw lots of comics, Johanna Draper Carlson samples some new webcomics at Comics Worth Reading.

Xaviar Xerxes talks to Gordon McAlpin about Multiplex at Comix Talk.

The Black Cherry Bombshells made it to the top of the Zuda competition a few months ago despite the protests of the Digital Strips Zudawatch gaggle. Find out what makes creators Johnny Zito and Tony Trov tick in this interview at Pink Raygun. And here’s a little Zuda-on-Zuda action: Over at ComicMix, High Moon creator David Gallaher interviews Zito and Trov as well, to kick off his new column Mixing It Up.


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