Digital Strips 134 – Zuda Watch 3

In this episode of Digital Strips we talk about patterns. All kinds of patterns and how the should and should not be used in a Zuda entry. Mostly we deal the pattern of most of the entries being of the Sci-fi and superhero genre, and the patterns (read: cliches or tropes) involved in this kinds of stories. We also hit such patterns found in horror, noir, romance and the totally lack of patterns in one of this months entires.

If you don’t know how to vote in this months competition, want to hear if we love/hated your pick or just want to hear some really good transitions by yours truly, look no further than this episode.


3 thoughts on “Digital Strips 134 – Zuda Watch 3

  1. Hey guys thanks for the mostly nice words about Sam 3.14, PI, It’s meant to be a cool fun read “bubble gum for the brain” like my novels.

    Jason: the ninja roos came out of watching a video of my cousin sitting in park in Australia calmly eating a sandwich, suddenly she is mobbed by kangaroos who want her food. Watching the video with her I said, “man they were like ninjas” and it just stuck in my brain until it came it in Sam. Didn’t mean to offend.

    Glad you guys like the dialog! I do hope to continue Sam somewhere hopefully you will follow it (well at least two of you). It is a big story but I write novels for my day job so I can handle it.

    Thanks again,

    John Z

  2. Glad you liked the show John. I took a look at your site, I’ve actually been tempted to pick up on of your books. Now that I know how good your writing is, I’ll be sure to do so next time I see it at the book store.

    Good luck in the competition.

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