The Rice is Done

The war is over, the prophecy has been fulfilled, the great journey is at an end. The epic that is Rice Boy has come to an end. Rice Boy is/was a long form comic following the adventures of an unlikely messiah, the small and unassuming Rice Boy. Creator Evan Dahm has done and excellent job. Go check it out. If you’re still not convinced here’s a review of the strip Midnight and I did a while back.



Rice Boy was one of my favorite strips but because of it’s slower update schedule I’d only check up on it every couple of months. Yesterday I made my check and found that the whole series has come to close. A very excellent conclusion at that. If you’ve never read Rice Boy, now is the time. It’s a huge story, but it’s intriguing as all get out and really quick to read. And now best of all, there’s no risk of becoming emotionally involved in a strip that doesn’t end.


There are hundreds of comics out there that attempt to tell a story of this magnitude, 99% of which die long before they reach a conclusion. This is the major reason I generally avoid these sort of strips. I hate it when I don’t get the end of my stories. Mr. Dahm, for your dedication and excellence in comicry, I salute you.


Evan told us that there are more adventures in the world of Rice Boy to come. I for one can’t wait.


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