Webcomics Weekly ~FEATURES~ The Final Word In Print vs. Web Discussion

It was long. It was hard. It was… EW! So not what I’m talking about!

It was the print vs. web discussion that raged through the comment strings of both Fleen and The Daily Cartoonist! After the back and forth on the threads seemed to be at a standstill, Scott Kurtz seized the opportunity to host a Talkshoe conference call to wrap the whole thing up with a big, pretty, Halfpixelized bow.

While I haven’t yet given it a listen, I have read what Gary Tyrrell, Head Fleener of Fleening, had to say about it and,Webcomics Weekly logo judging by every other Halfpixel podcast I’ve ever scoped, his analysis of “a bit random at first” sounds just about right.

Still, the Webcomic Weekly podcast always offers something interesting and this one should be no different. Give it a whirl and join me in saying, “Told you guys the web was better!” And Kurtz’ own synopsis of the whole thing can be found after the break!

So I set up a conference call via Talkshoe and invited everyone in last night. I was granted permission from the group to record the session and the resulting two hour debate is this episode of Webcomics Weekly.

A word of warning: This is a 2 hour podcast. I’m not sure of the audio quality because I used Talkshoe’s built in software to record it. At times, everyone is LOUDLY talking over each other. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING: Some of us curse. Mostly me. Sorry.

I was hoping that more of the print/syndicated cartoonists would show up. But mostly it was us web guys. Ted Rall called in shortly after we started and so did Matt Bors (who does editorial cartoons and is a part of Ted’s Attitude cartoonists). Halfway through our own Brad Guigar shows up and later in the podcast we hear from Rich Stevens and Meredith Gran.

I don’t want to say too much. I’ll let you listen yourself. A lot gets brought up and we don’t really solve any of the world’s cartoonists problems. But I think we make some headway in understanding each other a little better.


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