Keenspot ~PICKS UP~ Templar, AZ

Looking around, I see that nearly every other blog out there… ok, I see that every other blog out there tends to post things wholly and without making a whole list out of them. And you know what? Those are the sites I read and quite enjoy reading! Nothing better than scrolling down (God bless you, mouse wheel!) and bypassing all the stuff I just don’t care about.Templar, AZ panel

Now, I’m sure nothing I’ve written falls into the category, but should it happen to anyone else, I would highly suggest adopting this post style. I’ll be trying it out and the first item to receive this bump is about one of the best black-and-white strips on the ‘Nets today!

Templar, AZ, the fun, fantasy-filled romp brought to us by Spike, is now sporting a new black header, courtesy of Keenspot. Seeing as how the latest KS acquisitions have been chums of mine, I’m not sure what I think of this recent snapping up of the talent. I am sure, however, that I congratulate Spike on the expansion! Work like hers is mega-worthy of more exposure and this move should help to do just that.

Speaking of exposure, Larry “El Santo” Cruz has posted his review of Templar over on ComixTalk (… *sigh*) so see what he thought of the sometimes NSFW strip and then stop by to do the same yourself!


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