The Guest Strip Project Is ~NOW~ Live

I’ve been mentioning it for weeks now and today, The Guest Strip Project, brought to you by Michael Rouse-Deane, is now live!Guest Strip Project

From strip one (drawn and written by Christopher Baldwin) it appears the cast and setting will be focused around cops and the zany hijinx they get into. With a different creator on every single Tuesday and Friday update, this promises to be something special, an area Mike seems to dwell in quite comfortably.

Of course, the inclusion of the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a benefactor of the whole shebang (that’s right, I’m bringing back ‘shebang’) means that to not check this out is to hurt children, and I know none of us want to deal with that guilt trip. So check in regularly and keep an eye out for merchandise and other opportunities to make a child’s dreams come true!

By the by, stay tuned for more from Michael Rouse-Deane, right here on Digital Strips!


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