DS 131: Review of North World

It’s that time of the week again folks. Time to sit down with that special some one you love and listen to me and Jason argue about who’s cooler while Brigid rolls her eyes so hard you can hear it. In this week’s episode, we take on North World by Lars Brown.

North World is a strange strip, even though we all had at least one or more solid complaints, we all agree that the end product is a greater comic than the sum of it’s parts. If you love magic epics with classic themes of heroism and loyalty, coming of age tales where the protagonist must return home to face growing up or comic with swords in them, than North World is worth checking out.

After last week’s Zuda watch, our attention spans seem to be waning, and we had a hard time focusing. After 10 whole minutes on Northworld, the show breaks down into a discussion of what really makes a comic on the Web and Web comic. Different schools of thought rear their heads and we have to agree to disagree. At least until we have more time to really yell at each other.

In other news, anyone who noticed the high pitch whining in last weeks show will be happy to know that it’s mostly gone. If you never noticed it before than please, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


3 thoughts on “DS 131: Review of North World

  1. Hey guys, really enjoyed the review, especially the crits.

    Yes, you are absolutely right, some of the pages (and some panels) were drawn out of order. But I think the rewrite of the script and the redrawn panels (especially on page 101, trust me) make the work better despite the bump in reading they cause. I can live with having it equal something more than its parts.

    That said I am pouring all I can into the second volume, I think that it will be a very enjoyable second half of Conrad’s story. After that, new characters and new locations. The only color work I’ve completed so far is an 18 page short set in the North World and soon to be published in the 2nd Popgun anthology from Image. Can’t wait to see that in print.

  2. The Geek is bad at replying to comments.

    Cat: Sorry if I’ve been playing your music wrong, I’m still getting the hang of this podcast editing thing. I’ll use the snippet you linked to in the next show.

    Lars: Glad you liked it and I’m looking forward to the next bit of the strip.

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