DS 127: Review of Pictures for Sad Children

Call your neighbors, wake the dog and gather your children around the iPod folks because the long wait is over. Digital Strips, the podcast you all know and love is back in action!

Today we take a look at Pictures for Sad Children, the saddest comic that I have ever loved. It’s depressing, it’s drab, it’s awkward but oh so very good. Listen in and find out how this is even possible.

We also take controversy head on and discuss whether or not I Can Has Cheeseburger? is a comic and talk briefly about Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, another comic that was spawned from the Internet giant that is the lolcats. Check back often as we bring more great comics to your attention and dicuss more pressing issues that face our beloved medium in the next episode, coming soon (yes, this means we’re back for real, not just a one time event, make your time).


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