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Wes Molebash’s Zuda Comics entry, The Litterbox Chronicles, faces scrutiny of the flaming kind on the comment board for his strip. For days now, a user known only as Maledicta has taken Wes to task for not only the quality of the strip but for the method by which he is garnering votes.

Being a comment board, there has been a tendency for the discussion to slip into the flame war territory, but by and large, heads are staying cool and the Wesheads are coming to the defense of their leader.

The discourse centers around the fact that Maledicta feels Wes’ approach of “Everyone come to the site, register, and vote for me!” is unfair and borders on ballot-box stuffing, which, after a quick Google search, I see is not nearly as vulgar as I thought.

After a quick scan of the comments thus far, I see no one who has agreed with Maledicta’s claim, though plenty have voiced their displeasure with the strip itself. Though I admit wrongdoing on my own part (I previously posted to go do as Wes commanded in a quickie post on my way out the door to rush to work) it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that simply being asked to do something does not necessarily imply the action itself. In this scenario, I would visit the site and view every other competitor before making my selection. This is, I’m certain, the course of action for most visitors to the Zuda site (i.e. intelligent, informed comic book readers… stop laughing!).

There are various facets of this debate to scrutinize, so I’ll leave you to check the comments for yourself (found directly below the strip, natch) and formulate your opinion thusly. Personally, it looks like Maledicta has no case and that Wes will be allowed to continue his current run at the Zuda prize. It should also be noted that this whole thing would have more heft if Litterbox Chronicles were in the first place slot, but it currently holds tight in second place. If you haven’t already, go view the March Zuda contestants, register, and make your voice be heard. And I leave you with the final comment from Wes himself, courtesy of the You’ll Have That site:

I need an aspirin . . .



  1. Webcomics + Voting = tears before bedtime for at least one person.

    I’d have a problem the second Wes starts holding guns to people’s heads to make them vote for him. Other than that it *should* be no-holds barred.

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