This List isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

 It’s lunch time here in my world. I sitting here eating rock hard rice from Monday, listening to my co-workers discuss who fragged who in Enemy Territory and I’m writing up Web comics news for you guys. Dang I’m dedicated.


Speaking of dedicated, there was an article posted on Cracked magazine’s site about the eight funniest Web comics in existence today. Man, can I write a transition or what?

Cracked Magazine has come a long way from when I first started reading it in the dugout in Little League. For one thing, I don’t think you can read in the dugout anymore unless your ball field has really good Wi-Fi. I think it’s just online now. It might just be that I don’t go to news stands anymore. Either way.


I thought that this was a really interesting angle to take on Web comics. Usually people who do a top n list set n = 10. Also most such lists attempt to define the best comics. The best and the funniest are two totally different topics. There are some absolutely amazing strips that I love and read everyday but aren’t funny consistently or at all and that’s OK. Contrary to what some people think, comics are more than just stupid jokes you read while you have breakfast.


Clearly this is not a scientific research paper. It is just one writers opinion. If you don’t agree, it’s probably because you have different sense of humor which is really common.


I would like to have a definite list of the funniest stripes. I do think you could study humor and create a system to actually define the funniest comics but that would require a lot of time and grants from the government. Since the Uncle Sam and I aren’t really on speaking terms right now, I’m going to do this ghetto style by just giving my opinion of the 8 funniest strips and invite you guys to share what you think. Remember we’re doing the funniest here, not the best. I don’t care (in this exercise) about how good the art work is or how much the writing makes you care about the characters. Just the funny please.


My List:

8. Joe and Monkey

7. Wonderella

6. Beaver and Steve

5. Dinosaur Comics

4. White Ninja

3. Rob and Elliot

2. Order of the Stick



Have at it boys and girls.


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