Zampzon Reveals The Inner Nathan

The days have been long and number of posts small but since it has been a few days, not to mention the scathing sarcasm sent my way, I feel compelled to reveal onto the world the product of one Nathan Bramble. The other original host of the show was Zampzon. He was the one with the background in comics who knew what he was talking about while I tried my hand at being the straight man. It was a good combination but there came a time when Zampzon left the empire on his own walk-about to discover himself. In that pursuit he took a page from ever humble Ryan Estrada and create a site that was not so much a webcomic as a collection of webcomics.

Thus was Bramble Vine Comics born. Here Zampzon revealed his secret identity and began the long journey of creating content. Today you can go to his site and find the original Digital Strips not only viewable but in book form! There are also several other stories presented through the Flights of Fancy series but of surprise enjoyment for me was Normal. Absolutely fabulous idea I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. This is a short story was created as part of the Synesthetic Anthology, a group project involving cartoonists in North Texas. At this point in the sites evolution you’ll find Nathan has begun revealing the Bramble Vine Comics themselves. These will be collections of shorts and one shots. Perhaps every once in awhile a character will return but for expect any random idea from the wacky Zampzon to end up as comic.

Here’s the opportunity for everyone to check in his work. While you’re at it ask him if he misses us here at the DS offices.


1 thought on “Zampzon Reveals The Inner Nathan

  1. That’s awesome, I always wondered what happened to our erstwhile co-founder!

    As for the lack of other articles recently, my energies have been sapped from being part of an upcoming project that didn’t pan out, at least for this artist hopeful. Maybe I can wrangle an interview or something out of that in true, breaking news fashion.

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