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Comixpedia – It was ages ago when news hit us about the mammoth project that is the webcomic wiki was needing some new parents. There was a post and email to all us hosting sites and critics to ask if any of us had the time and energy to absorb such a large administrative project. DS volunteered space but in the end Josh Roberts, the proprietor of ComicSpace and OnlineComics took over the reins of the web comics encyclopedia. Coinciding with the move is also the official re-branding of Comixpedia to ComixTalk. This was done in order to let the encyclopedia use the name Comixpedia without confusion.

Ryan Estrada – Mr. Estrada is celebrating FOUR years of webcomic goodness. The all time winner of web comic good guy award is celebrating by moving to Mexico, joining a mariachi band, and serenading young women for the entire month. is also getting another round of expeditions just in time for some features on YouTube and CNN. The biggest news is he is finally going into comics full time. Does this mean a dedicated never-ending strip or will he continue his tried and true method of multiple stories?

Shortpacked! – It was 1997. Web Logs are first used and Netscape is king of browsers that laughs at the new one called IE. That horrible movie Titanic ruins all that is sacred about box office numbers and David Willis posts the first strip of his very first comic “Roomies!”. It is 2007 and now we blogs. IE is laughing at upstart little browser called FireFox Willis is still posting strips online with “Shortpacked!” that arose from Willis’s first comic production. That’s ten years on the Web and over 3000 posts is a significant achievement that precious few can boast. Shortpacked! is ringing in this occasion with the first book collection, Shortpacked! Brings Back the Eighties.

Silly Daddy – With all the news Joe Chiappetta has been sending our way I need to find jsut what he’s doing over there. This time he’s telling us the first ever Silly Daddy animated cartoon short is complete and completed in the Chiappetta studio by Silly Daddy and his built-in team of child laborers working for under minimum wage.


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