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It’s hard to come up with webcomics news from anywhere else unless you’re thinking PAX. Talk about good timing. This seemingly innocent expo to gather fans together was posed just right to take over the gaping hole E3 left behind. I would be surprised if a couple thousand of the attendees didn’t even know what a webcomic was until they attended. According to reports though the reason has to do with a complete plastering of the PA comic everywhere. Now that’s marketing.

Convergence – For some artists, collaboration is the best inspiration. Back in August Tyler Sticka and Peter Wooley unleashed Convergence, a web site allowing artists to create and maintain improvisational, pass-along comics. Comics are created panel-by-panel, with no single artist allowed to draw two panels in a row or account for larger than one-third of the total story. There is a “claiming” feature allowing artists to reserve the next panel in a series for a limited amount of time to prevent conflicting panels. Another security feature is potential artists looking to participate in the ongoing comics must submit samples of their work where current artists can choose whether their talents are ready for inclusion. Convergence is currently in public beta.

The Trek Life – This is a comic that has started off with a huge platform. It’s a weekly comic strip about three fans at different levels of fandom. A new strip appears online every Monday, as a regular feature in the Star Trek Magazine, bookstores worldwide, and as a regular full-page back-up in Star Trek comic books. There is even going to be a chibi manga strip to be released by Tokyopop. The strip goes the extra mile having one of the strip’s characters, Kate Stevens, answer questions and offers advice on everything Trek, as well as love, life, and all things in-between.

You’ll Have That – Wes has officially become the artist who does the most. Every other week he has something new and the past month hasn’t been any different. First is the expansion of the store for the very first t-shirt. The new shirt is based on the t-shirt Andy wore in this comic strip. They are selling for $16.95, and if you order after August 30th you’ll get a free YHT button as well. Here’s the part that I never would have thought of, Wes is asking everyone who buys one to take a picture of wearing the shirt for posting flickr. The other bit news is what really got me writing this article. A collection of three promotional videos have been created as a sort of video comic. This is the sort of thing that would be perfect for video blogs and plain old fashioned TV.


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