Where’s the Podcast?

It’s been recorded and we’re only a couple days from recording another. You ask yourself “So where is it then?” You would be a sane person and here is my inadequate answer. I’ve been restoring not only the post archives over the past few months but also the podcast archives. That’s right the first 40 shows which includes some of our biggest interviews and reviews will finally be available for you.

The problem is there is an upload limit in libsyn. We typically don’t even use half it but it turns out uploading 20 shows at one time is about 5 times more then the 4-5 shows we normally do. Go figure how math actually works. This means I’m working the guys at libsyn to force archive those shows so I can bring you our latest review. So fear not, you will not be too much longer without your ear candy.

On a side note in anticipation of the contest coming up I would like all our readers and listenners to register at our site. This is more for me then anything else but can you blame me for wanting just how many people listen to the ravings of a mad man? Secondly I’m still looking for print suggestions for the prize. What would you like to be in this pot of wonders? Don’t forget we’re accepting any swag you would like to send our way to add to the pot. Anything sent will be above and beyond what is already planned so email me and get my address.


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