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Ask and ye shall receive: Comics blogger Dave Lartigue posts his best-of-2006 list and he includes two webcomics, Dinosaur Comics and Teaching Baby Paranoia, in among the Marvel and manga and Serious Graphic Novels. In fact, it’s a nicely balanced list.

Also, Derik Badman commented below that he included webcomics in his 2006 roundup. Of course, Derik has a webcomic of his own, Things Change, so he can be considered to be among the already converted.

Comic Book Resources has a feature about a new webcomic by Paul Harmon, Welcome to Falling Oaks. The CBR story includes an interview with Harmon and a glimpse at a panel in progress.

Webcomics go to Harvard? It’s true: Shaenon Garrity, Jeffrey Rowland, Paul Southworth, and R Stevens will be discussing webcomics at a panel, hosted by Jason Brodsky, at the sci-fi convention Vericon at Harvard University on Jan. 27. (Via Fleen.)

Wizard interviews Nicholas Gurewitch, the author of The Perry Bible Fellowship. (Via Journalista.)

And now for some Comics on the Web, as opposed to webcomics. Newsarama has been running full first issues of Image comics for the past two weeks. The interface is a little clunky, though: They show all the pages as thumbnails, so you have to hit the back button to go to the next page. New today is Mr. Scootles, by H.C. Noel, a noir-ish black-and-white comic about a forgotten movie mascot who somehow holds they keys to the gates of hell. Or something.

The manga publisher Tokyopop has a much better interface, and lately they have been putting entire volumes up at a time. Currently featured is Roadsong, a manga version of a road movie with a musical twist.

Finally, saving the best for last: Microsoft has chosen to illustrate the benefits of its Microsoft Office software with a webcomic. Before you roll your eyes, check it out—it’s done tongue-in-cheek and it’s really pretty good. And coming from a Mac person like me, that’s high praise indeed.


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