DS 103: Review of Marbles

Digital Strips : Show 103
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You’ve probably been waiting a long time for this one but I never did resolve the archive issues with Libsyn. Because we care for you, our listeners, so much we are bringing you another episode and this time we’ve got a somewhat non politically correct strip to tell us just how decadent we really are.In this episode we talk about:

  • Marbles by Marc de Wolf and Govert van der Heijden
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    4 thoughts on “DS 103: Review of Marbles

    1. Keep Brandon J Carr! Time for Digital Strips to sign Brendon to a lucrative Digital Strips-only deal. Nothing but bling and bukake for Mr. Carr from now on.

    2. Intersting review, but you guys talk like you expect us to make superedgy offensive comics, just because it’s about African children. You’ve mentioned somewhere in the review that I’m “trying to be edgy but failing” or something, while this is actually the opposite: I’m constantly trying not to make my comics edgy just for the sake of edginess. If there’s politically incorrect stuff happening in the comics it’s because that has a certain point to the plot, not because it might offend a few people. If the comic was about three American or Dutch children, would you complain about the lack of edginess? Why the double standard?

      I hope I’m not sounding too defensive or anything, I just thought I’d give my side of the story. I enjoyed the review.

      By the way, hearing you trying to pronounce our names is just hilarious.

    3. I intentionally stayed away from pronouncing your names for just that reason (or at least tried…I don’t recall).

      From my point of view, it wasn’t that I expected an edgy comic, but it seemed like the comic was shooting for edgy and, at times, falling short. I don’t think it had anything to do with the kids’ nationality and everything to do with the tone of the strip and the accompanying text.

      I’d love it if you and/or your partner in crime could come by during the live talkcast and school us on name pronunciation (I’m serious about this).


    4. Also, thanks to Michael Craven for your support. I’ll take the bling but skip the bukkake. My industrial-sized funnel broke and let’s not kid ourselves…what’s the point without it?


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