Ten Webcomic Idol Finalists Invited To Join Bomb Shelter Comics ~BUT~ Who Will Accept?

After The Bean Men left amidst a slew of controversy, it became obvious to all that the Webcomic Idol contest Bomb Shelter Comics whipped up was less than kosher. Sure, the idea was a great one, some might even go as far as saying it was too bold to be done correctly and efficiently the first around. Well, those some people would be correct.

So, with shady voting practices becoming more and more prevalent, the BSC powers-that-be ended the contest before any more creative hearts were unjustly broken. But what to do about those still left in the running? And would there be any saving graces for those already denied passage?

As one of the latter group, I can happily report that yes, there is good news to pass on for both camps. To be fair and just to all ten Webcomic Idol finalists, BSC has asked not one, not two, not even three, but all TEN finalists to join the collective!

Now, I know I have accepted the kind invitation, but what of the others? The Bean Men? Judge’s favorite What Birds Know? Will they become yet another proud member of Bomb Shelter Comics? Stick around for the latest updates and check the BSC home page for all the latest breaking news on this unprecedented story!


2 thoughts on “Ten Webcomic Idol Finalists Invited To Join Bomb Shelter Comics ~BUT~ Who Will Accept?

  1. Yep, we just couldn’t stop the cheaters this time, despite trying a number of approaches that we thought would help the situation. However, the cheaters just kept breaking the system. Now I think I understand why Blizzard kinda gave up on Battlenet…

    No way were we going to leave the contestants hanging after that. They put themselves out there in front of the public to be judged and measured. It’s gutsy to do that, and we thought it would be a tragedy to allow the cheaters to screw those ten comics, especially since their creators proved to be damn good people. It’s an honor to have any of the finalists join Bomb Shelter.

    We may try this again some time in the future – if we can develop a good system for the voting. You learn from your mistakes. It really is too bad we couldn’t make it work the first time; we had high hopes for the contest.

  2. I’ll be personally coding the voting script for the ’07 – ’08 Webcomic Idol, so cheating will be a little tougher. No more relying on the shotty work of someone else. I’ll be doing it right and securely.

    Just to make sure of that, I’ll be building the voting script and then spending a good three months trying to crack it in every way possible. Cheaters be ready, this one will be iron clad.

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