All-Ages Means Everybody! Lunchbox Funnies has arrived!

Remember when you were a kid and you had a lunchbox that, instead of food, you'd fill with loose toys, scraps of fun, and things you treasured? You'd carry that silly lunchbox all over the place, setting it down to occasionally examine its contents, then securely clack the latches shut. If you weren't that kid, you knew that kid (and if you didn’t, stop ruining my analogy and play along). I feel like that kid all over again.

The newest online comic collective on the block is Lunchbox Funnies, launching with the slogan 'All-Ages Comics for Everyone!' The line-up is incredible, featuring some of the best all-ages strips on the Internet. This, of course, doesn't mean that only children and people of diminished mental capacity can visit and fall in love with Lunchbox Funnies. I myself was already reading several of these strips before now and I is real smart.

The funtastic gang is composed of the following:

In addition to these strips, the first post at their website promises 'links, news, and information for each of our comics and creators.' This is nothing new for an online comics collective, but I have hope for the cute widdle gaggle of creators as all-ages comics are an underserved market in this ironic, cynical, foul-mouthed 'industry'. I'm glad there's finally a group I can share with the young folks in my life (when I let them out of the basement for computer time). All of the creators seem dedicated to the cause and I salute them as hard as I can.


5 thoughts on “All-Ages Means Everybody! Lunchbox Funnies has arrived!

  1. Brandon J. Carr. Thy name is evil. This story was on MY list to be written about and I, as a fellow all-ages creator, was the PERFECT person to write about a new collective featuring nothing but.

    Yes. I’ll be keeping my eye on you. Yes indeed.

    And good luck to the newly formed Lunchbox Funnies, from the official Digital Strips all-ages ambassador (non-pedophile sector), The Midnight Cartooner.

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