Toyzville Says (Indefinite) Goodbye ~OR~ Here Come The Boids!

Regardless of your age, gender, religion, or ethnicity, you’ve played with your fair share of toys. Odds are, a good number of you STILL play with toys (Lord knows I’ve still got my share). For this reason alone, you should already be enjoying Toyzville by Larry Merrill. If you’re not, then jump on the bandwagon. It’s not too late! The all ages fun of Automaton Tom and Brock as they bounce around Toyzville, interacting with the various toys, young and old, is not to be miss…

What? Toyzville is done? Larry just lost the drive to work with the gang? And the trademark/copyright-happy cast won’t fly in a printed work? Aw heck… just go check the site for the words straight from Larry, I can’t do this now…

Come again? Larry is taking his artistic chops and combining them with the writing prowess of Steve Campbell of Turnsignals to concoct a whole new webcomic titled The Boids? Well… looking back, I would say that this tag-team perfectly covers their respective weaker attributes and could be what both creators need to get their well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Sorry to see Toyzville pass on to that ever-expanding webcomic Great Beyond, Larry, but good luck with The Boids!


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