Congratulations to Eric Burns and Wednesday White

Eric Burns, flexing his Websnark muscle, got a collection of his favorite cartoonists to put together a 17-part epic in which he asked collaborator, cohort, and companion Wednesday White to marry him. “Oh. By the by?” he added to his post later in the day, “She said yes.”

This isn’t the first time the comics medium has been utilized for a wedding proposal. Mike from Penny Arcade did it, the Dave and Raina story is that of legend, and even Rob Liefeld did it in an issue of Youngblood. But each time I’ve seen something like this occur, there’s been a twist. In this case, it’s the monstrous jam comic that was created to usher in the occasion. This proposal comic features, according to Websnark, “Ursula Vernon, Scott Kurtz, Greg Holkan, David Willis, Rich Burlew, Peter Venables, Josh Lesnick, Chris Crosby, Howard Tayler, Kristofer Straub, Frank ‘Damonk’ Cormier, Brad Guigar, Darren ‘Gav’ Bleuel, Jon Rosenberg, Shaenon Garrity, Meaghan Quinn, and the master of funk himself, Randy Milholland.” That’s a lot of big fish.

I know Wednesday has spent some time here at Digital Strips and I hope that she and Eric will come on the show eventually and tell us what kind of fabulously nerdy (I mean this endearingly) ceremony and honeymoon plans they have. I’m also very much looking forward to eventually using the article title “Burns Weds Weds”.

Congratulations, guys. A lifetime of tasty biscuits for you both and the obligatory Dude.


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