DS 92: Guest Review of Brinkerhoff

Digital Strips : Show 92
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It pays to Sponsor us. This is one I wasn’t even aware of until he rented a month’s space on the side. Thanks to Midnight it was bumped up from it’s place in the queue to be highlighted on the show. Join us for perhaps the most sarastic comic on the cyberweb.In this episode we talk about:

  • Brinkerhoff by Gabe Strine
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    5 thoughts on “DS 92: Guest Review of Brinkerhoff

    1. Right on with that, Krishna. Too bad we spelled the title incorrectly. Sorry about that, Gabe.

      I’ve also got a review of the strip in the latest Zoinks! so be sure to check it out for more in-depth (and less stumbly) thoughts on Mr. Strine’s brilliance.

    2. Sweet! I havn’t seen this blend of satirical writing and clean art in a long, long time. Top of my list now.

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