Calling All Writers and Artists

If you’ve noticed we’ve lost a couple writers and even the sexiest voice of the podcast. Well now is the time when Digital Strips is looking to expand its staff once again. That’s right, you now have the opportunity to be on the biggest web comic podcast and/or join the staff of writers acclaimed across the universe.

So here it is, we’re looking for 2 people. The first is a writer who knows Manga as I feel that the site does not do it justice considering it may be larger then gaming comics. That means if you’re interested in covering the world of Manga you should contact at us with your interest and we’ll get started with the whole qualification process. To become an esteemed writer on the site you should send me 200-500 words about something in web comics. It could all news or simply your opinion on your favorite comic. Once you’ve joined us you will receive a little compensation but it’s not too much since we’re not a big money maker here.

The criteria for joining the podcast are a little different. For that position we’re looking for someone with a background in art or a passion in it that you most of your web comics barely have any writing. That’s right, we need someone to balance Phil and I with all our love for words to show everyone that there is more to web comics then just good pencil/pen work. If you’re interested send us email and tell us why you want to host the show. Then I’ll give you a call to make sure your voice is better then Phil and I and finally we’ll audition you on the show.

Send in those emails and help make Digital Strips the biggest supportor of web comics.


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