Mac Hall Moves On

Nothing lasts for ever. Nothing gold can stay. Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. Matt Boyd and Ian McConville seem to have decided to step away from Mac Hall, much to the disappointment of many readers and other comic creators who site Mac Hall as one of their major influences.

Today's strip, what may well be the final installment of Mac Hall was a perfect bittersweet ending.

The creators wanted their fans to rest assured that this is not a complete goodbye to comics in general. They still have plans to at least attempt a new strip in the future. From the post on their blog it sounds like it may be as soon as next month but I'd wait for something more solid then what's posted now before I start making plans.

Personally, I'm down with it. I'll miss Mac Hall for sure, but who knows, the new project may end up being much better. ?Besides as much as we the readers may enjoy a strip, it's not worth forcing the creator to do something they no longer enjoy. No good comes from that. Both the artist and the art suffer.

Sometimes the best thing for a series is for it to end. I'm sure we can all think of TV shows, book series and even Web comics that have hung around way too long. Better to go out with your head held high, stepping down when you want to than slowly drifting into oblivion.

Thanks for the strips guys. I can't wait to see what's next.

And if there's nothing else, we'll always have Wyoming.


2 thoughts on “Mac Hall Moves On

  1. As you say, it is good they did this gracefully and of thier own volition rather than focing themselves into is and getting washed over.
    I’m excited about the next step though. I have been a huge fan of MacHall for ages now and have complete faith in thier ability to push oh in the Webcomic world from a new angle.
    Ian, Matt, I salute you gents.

  2. I think this is a really good thing. Ian has clearly been having trouble keeping himself interested in Machall as a project, just look to his poor updating schedule since he graduated. Anything that will lead to an increase in Matt and Ian increasing their comic updates sounds good to me.

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