DS 88: Review of Filth Hole

Digital Strips : Show 88
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Phil is back after complaining about not being on the last podcast. Apparantly he’s a big fan of the strip. This week Phil takes revenge on me by forcing me to read possibly the most filthy comic ever created, out side of kit’n Koboodle. I dare you to not be offended.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Filth Hole by Jamie Galey and Fred Grisolm
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    13 thoughts on “DS 88: Review of Filth Hole

    1. It would appear that the second half of Phil’s part got nuked somehow. I’m working on fixing it and I’ll have an update later today.

    2. The best part of the show was when you guys started arguing about whether the dude in the comic technically shit his dick or not. That exchange actually made me want to check out the comic in question.

      For the record, I love it! And yet also share Daku’s revulsion.

    3. I dunno who that third dude is, but yeah, he gets it. We are trying to get you to close the comic. It’s absolutely true. 100%.

      I did laugh over the dick shitting discussion.

      The shirt says AWK – For Andrew WK.

    4. So, here’s the deal:

      Some assface at Wizard was whining about webcomics pandering to the lowest common denominator, complaining that all the jokes were about dicks and shit.

      The first installment of Filth Hole was simply a response to that, but people liked it enough that they ran with it.

      I love it, personally, but I do feel that context is at least relevant to reading it.

    5. I’d like to add that I find it genuinely amusing that *sort of* making fun of Scott Kurtz (I’m fairly certain Scott doesn’t REALLY eat babies, so I don’t see how that’s an attack – that entire arc just seemed random and ridiculous to me) is that one line that can’t be crossed. How dare they.

    6. Really? I could have sworn it was someone from Wizard who had self-appointed himself their Expert Webcomics Guy, and who hated webcomics. Whatever, I must be mixing my news up. I need another drink.

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