Interest Piquers #7 ~OR~ It’s On

Well, there it goes. Another whirlwind week come and gone, with nothing more to remember than a few blog posts which commemorate each event.

Oh wait! There’s also Interest Piquers! Ha HA! This week, I found a new favorite strip (gotta be, like, 40 now) in Sheldon the Pig, another of our number was interviewed over at, I started and finished Penny Arcade’s second volume of snarky goodness, and found victory in my efforts to start a small, albeit costly, war with the fine folks at Fleen. Really, they’re the vilest, most evil entity ever to be known on our beloved Interweb, but you know what they say: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Here we go!

  • I can’t recall exactly how I got there, but over the course of the week I stumbled upon the loveable, fantastical adventures of a pig named Sheldon. Not to be confused with Dave Kellett’s light-hearted duck tale of the same name, the piggy version is much more akin to a children’s storybook. Full of imaginative twists and whimsical turns, creator Kevin Moore has tapped into that facet of our lives, no matter how small, when the best thing you could with your mind was simply believe.
    The strip is updated every Monday with a new page and is definitely something you should have in your webcomic pull-list, if only to offset the amount of popular culture work out there and just get away to your better years. The younger ones.
  • Dan Goldman, artist on the hit webcomic, Shooting War, the story of a journalist who finds himself deep in the Iraq War, joins the growing list of webcomic creators interviewed by Wizard, the premiere name in comic book news. The interview focuses on the print deal Goldman and his collaborator, Anthony Lappe, have struck with Warner Books to have the whole story published in a 200-page graphic novel next Fall.
    However, like all those interviewed before him, Goldman also takes time to answer the typical webcomic-centered queries (What makes them so great? Will they ever reach the popularity/saturation of comic books?) and does so like a champ. Particularly of note are his thoughts on why webcomics seem to be on a quick rise whether or not this wave of geek-chic will last or not. Check out the interview in its full glory and congratulations to Dan on all his accomplishments!
  • You know why I read comic books? Because they’re fun. You know why I read webcomics? Because they’re fun. So when I sat down with the second volume of Penny Arcade’s printed works, inappropriately titled, Epic Legends of the Magic Kings, I expected to have fun. And you know what? I wasn’t disappointed.
    This second outing for the enterprising duo features much more in the way of added content, including blog posts about Tycho’s rat troubles and possible ingestion of poison, images from the Penny Arcade collectible card game, and a few leftovers from other projects they’ve pursued. This is mostly due to the need to fill the space with something as the comics in this volume only represent a year’s worth of gaming satire, but for fans of PA, this is worth the price of admission alone. Highly recommended and a must for any webcomics-in-print library.
  • And finally, after much hard work and a few long nights on my part, we have it. Our first feud, and it’s with our fellow webcomic-bloggers over at The barbs are constantly being exchanged, the words are just starting to fly wantonly (comment #3), and it can only be a matter of time before the opening shot in this massive, bloody war of sarcasm and wit is fired. So keep checking back here and at Fleen to get the latest, up-to-the-minute war updates, as they occur!
    Now why, you’re probably asking yourself, would I send you to their website if we’re engaged in such a furious battle for supremacy of the webcomic news/blogging world? Because it’s just make-believe! Really, what’s there to be supreme about? Too many creators (and fans, don’t worry, you’re in this, too) are set on knocking each other down when we’re still in the middle of the building period, where it could still all end tomorrow if we’re not careful. Help, not hinder. I’ve started this feud in the hopes of broadening the community we (and more specificly, I) belong to. After all, it seems to be the quickest way to get noticed.
    So have THAT Fleeners!
    *pssst!* It’s your turn.

2 thoughts on “Interest Piquers #7 ~OR~ It’s On

  1. Wha? Do what now? Oh, right!

    Um, the fellows over at Digital Strips have been known to be less than completely nice to their mums! And their podcast? I do not care for the equalization in the midrange at all. Really, you should listen to each one of them and be outraged!

    But out of grudging respect for any who can string together grammtically correct sentences (a small subset of the internets) while talking about webcomics (an even smaller subset), I am honor-bound to buy them a beer if I ever meet them. But I will glare at them while they drink.

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