Interest Piquers #5 ~OR~ We’re Getting Big!

What a week! So much news, so little time! The world of printed books is being invaded by webcomics, with several collections and printed editions seeing release this week. Of course, the biggest salvo fired in this onslaught is Richard Stevens’ news of a syndication deal with United Feature Syndicate. But just what are the catches, if there are any, to this deal so sweet, it must have been made with the devil himself? And last, but certainly not least, we’ve rallied the troops to help Lea Hernandez recover from the fire that claimed her house and countless possessions on Wednesday. Recap… GO!

– You like to read your webcomics offline? Well then you’ve got some catchin’ up to do! Though I can’t keep up with all of the recent releases, here’s just a few of them:

  • Theater Hopper: Year Two by Tom Brazelton is now in pre-order! While the book goes to the printer Sept. 29th, Tom is running a giveaway of Truman dolls (based on the likeness of the strip’s favorite canine companion) leading up to the release date. Featuring commentaries on every strip as well as bonus sketches and never-before-seen content, Year Two is sure to make fun of more movies and be absurdly goofy in the process. Claim your copy today!
  • Bodinski’s Blog by Gabe Shrine is now available on! Gabe’s created such WebGems (trademark) as The Zoo and the currently running Brinkerhoff and now, his collection of personally charged and candidly raw blog comics can be found in one place! Reconnect or connect for the first time with Shrine’s autobiographical alter-ego and get your collection now!
  • Penny Arcade Vol. 2: Epic Legends Of The Magic Sword Kings is hot off the presses and available anywhere you can find books! If you’ve already picked up Vol. 1: Attack of the Bacon Robots (where do they get such wonderful titles?) then you know what to expect: creator commentary, sketches, a consistent progression of artistic style, it’s all there! Check out the PA Store and order your copy today! Heck, don’t stop there… order two! Three! Gabe and Tycho really need the money.

– Yes, Richard Stevens’ Diesel Sweeties has been picked up by The UFS for publication in newspapers. Yes, it is HUGE news. And no, we do NOT have all the answers to your questions. But, since Stevens has rocketed from webtoonist to full-blown celebrity overnight, everyone and their dog is trying to get those answers. While normally we’d hog all the glory for ourselves, this is his moment to shine, so here’s the interviews I’ve found thus far:

I especially dig the way Stevens champions the webcomic world whenever given the chance. Way to go, Richard (Rich?), and congratulations again!

– Lea Hernandez still needs your help. I know nothing of the tragedy she’s enduring, so I’ll simply give you the e-mail address on Paypal where you can send your donations and leave it at that. Give what you can to


5 thoughts on “Interest Piquers #5 ~OR~ We’re Getting Big!

  1. I like to think of the relationship betwen Fleen and DS as a Spy vs. Spy kind of arrangement. We here at DS will do everything we can to make sure the Fleeners are wiped clean from this Earth. I’m sure they will do likewise.

    That, and I’ve been told they killed our father.

  2. I’m too lazy for that sort of thing, maybe when your done wiping us clean from the earth, you could go ahead and do yourself too… since you’ll already be in the zone.

    Or, failing that, we could just have some tea.

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