Everybody Loves a Good Fart Joke

Another installment of the Comic. We are back at the top of our rotation with a comic from the Midnight Cartooner. This week’s topic is one that was hit on some time ago but it never gets old. Sometimes a good fart joke is all you need to make you audience fall backwards out of hte chairs laughing. As for picking on the Penny Arcade guys, no harm meant as Tycho and Gabe are some of the nicest guys in the industry to talk to. I’ll not forget they contacting us out of the blue to tell us they listenned to our show and they both ended up on 35th show.

Digital Strips Comic 38
With all the recent news though they seem to be exploding. A new series of web games, advertising for the ESRB, a new scholarship fund, their second book coming out, and what ever happened to the PA card game? Here is Midnight’s tribute to undisputed forerunners of our little community.


1 thought on “Everybody Loves a Good Fart Joke

  1. The way I see it, we all have our characters in the webcomics realm. I am, in reality, Jason Sigler, but on Digital Strips I right the wrongs under the guise of The Midnight Cartooner. We’re writing the rest of the DS crew as quirky, outlandish, and exaggerated versions of a certain quirk they may (or may not) have, just like many webtoonists have done.

    With this in mind, I could EASILY see Gabe and Tycho farting into Daku’s ear in lieu of a serious interview. Jerry and Mike? Not so much.

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