Webcomic Geek Speak? ~OR~ CROSSOVER!

Many webcomickers often wonder if, or where, the comic book hardcore crowd crosses over with the webcomic crowd. Well, the fellas over at Comic Geek Speak, the biggest and best name in comic book podcasts, have answered this challenge by dedicating an entire episode to our beloved art form!

In the first half of the episode, hosts Brian, Peter, and Jamie interview James Hatton of In His Likeness and Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots. Among the topics touched upon, Hatton and Corsetto chat up the new collective/group they’ve joined known as The Webcomic Hotness. The guys quickly learn that webcomic personalities tend to be harder to reign in than comic book folks, but they do an admirable job of keeping a tight leash.

The second half of the ep finds the trio grilling Kevin Volo and Stephen Reid of Pixelstrips.com about their strip, Heroes Exposed, their backgrounds in the medium and various odds and ends of their personal tastes and histories. If you’re like me and you like knowing something about the creator(s) behind a certain work you enjoy, this is a must-listen. The Comic Geek Speak crew has a GREAT show going here, with huge shout-outs from the biggest and brightest names in comic books, and any exposure webcomics can manage on their broadcast should help to bring at least a few more people into our increasingly large circle.


1 thought on “Webcomic Geek Speak? ~OR~ CROSSOVER!

  1. Thanks for listening, Midnight!! And wow, thanks for the feedback! I try and keep up with a few webcomics and you gotta love the energy and heart behind the best of them. If you ever have any suggestions, let me know! I’m sure we’ll do another spotlight down the road.

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