These Comics will All Supercollid into Eachother

It’s seems today that web comic collectives are popping up like Starbucks. Great herds of creators roam the mighty plains of the Web to protect them from the dangers of lions, hyenas and other critic like predators. It’s a pattern we’ve all seen before.

Something new is a foot though. Six comic creators have come together, not to be able so circle the wagons when threatened, but rather to tell a story, and maybe make some money on the side.

The creators of Sluggy Freelance, Fragile Gravity, The Devil’s Panties, PartiallyClips, SuperFrat, and the Order of the Stick are making a book together. Unlike other collective books I’ve seen, this one will feature one storyline that weaves through the worlds of each strip. It should serve as a good introduction for those not familiar with some of the strips.

The book, called Supercollider, is only available online and at Comic-con later this month. I’m always glad to see teamwork among web comic creators and love it when people come up with new ways to do it. I’d like to see other collectives combine their characters into a mash-up book as well. Great fun could be had by all.

You can check out the book and the other things this new group are working on together here.


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