Sinfest Having Its Own Festival Of Sin

There are so many web comics out there and most of them so much alike they are starting to blend. Despite the over abundance of roommate based strips there are the few and far between such as Sinfest which I can’t relate to but read simply because of the good writing and art. I’ve always enjoyed Tatsuya Ishida’s delightful black and white strip and you find one of the first reviews on DS was about Sinfest.

The big news, first found in the forums of Comixpedia, was Sinfest disappeared from the KeenSpot front page. What happened? Well today Tatsuya launched his new site with a beauty of a comic and a little message to his readers. I couldn’t resist posting it here:

Finally on my own! I am so stoked. After six years of people telling me how awful my website design was, I finally got around to doing something about it. It was pretty ghetto, I admit, but it did have that certain amateur porn site charm to it. I kinda liked the raggedy makeshift vibe about it. Mark my words: You’ll look back on those muddled html pages with wistful fondness. Those were the days, you’ll say. You’ll sit back in your rocking chair and tell the grandkids: I was there before Sinfest got all fancy and legit. I was there at the beginning with his shitty little webpage made out of stones and dirt, back when there was no fancy schmancy search feature. Back in the day we had to slog through his fucked up archives for HOURS to find one strip that probably wasn’t that funny anyway. And the bastard never returned a damn e-mail, posted on his own forum, or even once acknowledged another human being. It was great. But hey, all things must come to pass. And to all endings there is a new beginning. So here’s to new beginnings. Thank you all so much for your continued support.


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