Raise the Woof! ~OR~ Review of Dog Eat Doug

So, I’ve been asked why it is that I don’t report on more news with this valuable space I occupy here at Digital Strips. Basically, I stand on the webcomics stage, performing my craft but wanting to take that chance and emerge on the other side of the curtain with my fellow creators, where secrets are revealed, lessons are taught, and friendships are forged.

Sadly, that day has yet to come. And until it does, I have few to no webcomic creator buddies whom I can squeeze scoops or exclusives out of. Reporting on news that has been broken or simply touched upon elsewhere feels too recycled and easy; unless my opinion differs so completely as to warrant a rebuttal on this site, the ponderances and questions I develop as I work on my own strip are all I can muster for posting.

But you know what else I have that nearly every other webcomic creator/fan can relate to? A bookmarked list of strips I check each and every day! And so, I shall call on this mighty list to provide me with my talking point for this session. Today’s focus:

Dog Eat Doug by Brian Anderson

Amongst the raunchy and immature webcomics currently updating, there exist a precious few who are able to sidestep that more youthfully-skewed demographic to represent the pure and whimsical simply for the sake of entertainment. Like Peanuts before it, Dog Eat Doug brings just this kind of fun to the mix.

From day to day, the reader follows the titular baby lead, Doug, and his pet dog/buddy, Sophie. One day, Doug does something baby-like, and Sophie reacts more as a well-reasoned human would than any canine. The next day, Sophie may exhibit some more animalistic tendencies, leading the owners (who, true to any strip where the protagonists are pint-sized, are never seen full-figured) to react accordingly. In essence, Doug is a baby who acts like a baby. Sophie is a dog who acts like a dog, but thinks like a human. Amusing hijinx surely ensue thereafter.

And, like many successful comic strips, Dog Eat Doug is nothing revolutionary or controversial. However, like those popular strips, creator/writer/artist Brian Anderson is consistent in producing good content on a daily basis. Many people might argue that this strip should be in newspapers, as it is the perfect venue for this kind of work (and Anderson’s own crusade to see print confirms that thought), but what of the world of webcomics, where the strip first found an audience and continues to be?

I think it can be agreed upon that webcomics are meant to be easily and quickly digested, leaving very little aftertaste and even less indigestion. So wouldn’t a strip fitting that criteria to a T slot in nicely? Of course it would. Anderson also takes advantage of the Interweb setting by including stories and musings of his real life canine companion, coincidentally enough, ALSO named Sophie. He even takes the time to link to other dog enthusiasts who might come across his work, adding to a network of people that love cute comic strips and their dogs in the same breath.

Ultimately, Dog Eat Doug is quick, silly fun that should be added to every webcomic pull list (see also: RSS feed).


3 thoughts on “Raise the Woof! ~OR~ Review of Dog Eat Doug

  1. Thanks for the recommendation MC 🙂 I\’ve got little time to go exploring for new comics so it\’s always nice to get this kind of review. This strip is totally geared for syndication and I won\’t be surprised when I see it succeed.

    And I\’ll be an artist friend too if you want. Drop me a line whenever 🙂


  2. Sweet! My first artist friend! After checking out the LICD site (it was in my previous bookmark list before that laptop ate it) I see that you, Lar, have earned an award for your artistic abilities! To this I must say congratulations! Your work is head and shoulders above most other webcomics and I\’m sure you have nowhere else to go but up!

    Glad you enjoyed the recommendation, as well! I\’ll be including more in the coming weeks, some that you probably already know about, others that you might not.

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