All Purpose Holiday Tripe

I woke up today for my usual trip through the world of web comics. Juice in one hand and mouse in the other, as soon as I clicked the first bookmark I realized Ah crap it’s the 4th of July, no one is going to be updating.

I was pleasantly surprised though. Even though there were quite a few strips on hiatus, most were updated as normal. A little reading of blog posts, and I was reminded of something I already knew but had sort of forgotten: The Internet covers the whole world.

The creators of many of my favorites strips live in country different than the one I do. As a happening, multicultural globetrotter myself, I think this is awesome. We have different countries and cultures working together with the same goal in mind. It’s like the Internal Space Station, but cheaper. A lot cheaper.

Let’s engage in an intercontinental hug. We’re not Americans, Canadians, and Europeans etc. We’re a new breed of people. We’re web comic fans. We’re united in our love of free entertainment, and all you people with your hate, racism and political politicking. Maybe someday the leaders of the world will log on to read Digital Strips to learn how to bring their people together. I think they will.

Anyways. Happy Fourth of July. Even if it’s not Independence Day in your country, it’s still the fourth of July. Another great day in web comics.


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