DS 80: Interview with Brian Carroll

Digital Strips : Show 80
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We have for you a treat in an interview with Brian Carroll. This was recorded last Tuesday so it’s seriously out of date considering some of the content but it’s still a good interview anyways. So for those of you who wanted to send entries into Dionysia and can’t any more, you can send your hate mail here.In this episode we talk about:

  • Instant Classic by Brian Carroll
  • Dionysia hosted at ConnectiCon
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    3 thoughts on “DS 80: Interview with Brian Carroll

    1. Friendly rebuttal to Brian:
      You\’re forgetting a very important reason why a film like Sin City is made. Because Robert Rodriguez is a freaking nerd. And he had an idea for a film he wanted to make, so he did it.
      Same with other movies you dislike, like King Kong. What bothers me, is when a film seems formed by comittee, or when it\’s clear producers hampered the writer/director\’s concept.
      But I think a big benefit of being an artist is the ability to make silly crap.
      For every creation I make that I take seriously, I make at least one that is just silly and unnecessary.
      I\’d like to know what level of fame an artist gets to when they\\\’re not able to make silly unnecessary crap anymore, because I never want to get there!

    2. I sincerely apologize– I just remembered that friendly rebuttals are not allowed in the world of webcomics. That post should have included a lot of name-caling and allusions to previous webcomic dramas. I will try better next time.

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