Web Comic Wrap-up

Bob the Squirrel – It seems there are more and more web comic artists expanding their horizons. Frank Page sent us an email the other day very excited about a new endeavor of his to create a painting every week for the next year. So I think to myself what is so great about an artist painting when they are already drawing a comic? That’s before I looked at his acrylic he has done so far.

You’ll Have That – Wes will be so proud of me for getting this out sooner then the day of. Molebash is having another book signing and this time it’s at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, July 8th from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. He will of course be signing his new book You’ll Have That Vol. 1 but also sketching, and offering free high fives to anyone who asks.

Dead Days – John Rios has just released his third compilation book “CRAM SESSION.” It’s available at comiXpress. It’s 32 pages of wall to wall Dead Days strips.

SpinZone Comics – I received news on a new web comics collective for politics. I was waiting for this to happen as the number of political comics being submitted to us has greatly increased recently. SpinZone Comics is a collective of politically oriented comics. It aims to change how comics have been dismissed or pigeonholed into the insular gaming and fantasy genres. The new SpinZone Comics Members are Cosmic Awareness, Fighting Words, Monkey Law, Idiot Box, Death of the Party, and Line Item Vito.


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