DS 77: Goodbye to Zampzon

Digital Strips : Show 77
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You had to know this was coming. Zampzon hops on the mic for his farewell to you. After a year and 3 months of bringing you his quick repartee Zampzon is moving on to his own projects. The two of us take a stroll down memory lane as we remember the year that was.The line from Anchorman in the beginning was Zampzon’s idea.

6 thoughts on “DS 77: Goodbye to Zampzon

  1. Godspeed. Been a good listen.

    The Phil and Wednesday Show should be fun. What happened to the other guy? Nyuck! Nyuck! Nyuck!

  2. Say it ain\’t so, Zampzon. I really liked what you brought to Digital Strips. In my opinion, you grounded the whole thing. Damn you.

    Good luck though!

  3. Totally caught me off guard there. I had no idea you were leaving the show! I just thought it was a hiatus or something. This sucks. Hope you come back someday in a blaze of glory.

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