Web Comic Wrap-up

Transplant Comics – The first official Coloring Contest Transplant has ever had is now underway. Here is the artwork we will be using. Any medium is acceptable, and some modification of the art is acceptable- such as painting over the lines or whatever. Winner will be given a free Transplant Comics T-shirt! Deadline to be announced, with Steve Downer and Steve Vourdrie judging.

Head Injury Theater – One of our favorite new artists was given quite a surprise the other day. Apparently a student in Singapore was arrested for posting one of Jared’s cartoons in his blog. Looking at it deeper it sounds like someone complained about it, he refused to remove it (and chose to antagonize the person with most likely more offensive images), and was arrested under Singapore’s sedition law.

Comixpedia – Xerexes is finally taking a break after three years of blogging. It looks like he is taking a vacation through August and has quite an impressive list of guest bloggers filling in while he’s taking it easy. There’s no telling what these guests are going to write about.

Adrian Ramos – The mind behind Count Your Sheep and No Room For Magic is having an open call for an artist with a new project. He needs an artist to make a comic with action and superheroes in it. It’s mostly about people and personal relationships though, but superheroes are a big part of it. If you’re interested contact Adis and send him some samples.


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