Web Comic Wrap-up

More News! I bet you almost forgot we have news here. Yet the inbox continues to tell me otherwise. What do have for you but some movers and shakers.

Heroes of World of Warcraft – A comic we reviewed on our podcast is moving to a new site. You can find the front page (site still under construction) which promises to deliver more of this German strip translated. Also look for the strip to go to print, if you read German that is.

Dandy & Company – The brainchild of cartoonist, Derrick Fish, is preparing to return to the internet this July! Since October of 2005 Fish was working on a comic book called TAILS TO AMAZE with co-creator and writer, Marc Hammond. The itch to return to “Dandy & Company” has overwhelmed him but you can expect a new format with new material every Monday, Wednesday, Friday AND Sunday. To mark the return Fish is offering a NEW contest where any readers who make a donation between now and July 25th get a chance of having themselves drawn into the comic strip.

Panda Xpress – Sam Noir launches from Image. Manny Trembley and Eric A. Anderson have banned together again to create “Sam Noir: Samurai Detective” which mixes classic gumshoe fiction with the Samurai Bushido code and a heavy dose of off-kilter humor to create something unique. Issue #1 is due in September from Shadowline/ Image.


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