[News] Web Comic Wrap Up

Now that the contest is closed we’re ready to get back to the business that is web comic news.

Komikwerks – Every time these guys get quiet I only sit back in anticipation as I know there’s only good news on the horizon. A couple weeks ago was no exception. Two webcomics have joined it’s roster in THE FRONT by Jerzy Drozd and PPV by Drozd and writer Tom Root. You may remember our review of The Front which make rank as our favorite superhero comic.

Elf `n Troll – A few more trees giving their lives for a good cause. AP Furtado’?s webcomic ELF `n TROLL has finally been released in print using the very publishing opportunity provided by 01Comics. Through Ka-Blam you can now buy the first three books. If you don’t remember episode 49 we talked to AP about his strip and where he was planning to take it. It’s good to see such a good strip going the extra mile.

Graphic Novel Review – Joey is bringing back GraphicNovelReview.com but different. He will be reviewing one printed graphic novel per week, maybe. The first week is the manga: The Times of Botchan, Volume One by Jiro Taniguchi and Natsuo Sekikawa. The only reason we bring this up is this seems to be another business avenue for Webcomics Nation. There will be WCN ads at the top and evil Amazon Affiliate links scattered throughout the post.


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