DS 49: Interview with Barry Gregory and AP Furtado

Digital Strips : Show 49
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Sorry for the delay in getting this posted today folks. I’m currently traveling in Mexico and it was hard to find a usable connection.This week we talk to the President of online comics publisher 01Comics.com, Barry Gregory, and the Creative Director of 01Comics, Tony Furtado. Tony is also the cartoonist behind the web comic Elf and Troll. We also discuss the new animated series from Ctrl+Alt+Del debuting next February online.This week we talk about:

  • 01Comics with President Barry Gregory
  • Elf and Troll by Creative Director Tony Furtado
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    2 thoughts on “DS 49: Interview with Barry Gregory and AP Furtado

    1. I do believe there is a link error in this post. You have the link for \”Elf and Troll\” pointing to digitalstrips.com

      And, while I have your attention… great show! Keep up the fine work.

    2. Actually, the link is just empty. I can\\\’t get the page to come up for me right now. As soon as I can get the link I\\\’ll add it.

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the show.

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