Bureau 13 Joins PixelStrips.com

We’ve discussed on past episodes of the show that there isn’t a whole lot of independent American style super-hero comics on the web. Comedy gag strips, fantasy stories and manga are all prevalent, but on the web the super-hero is a rare breed. Even when super-heroes do appear it’s usually in parody.

A new comic has been added to Pixel Strips and it seeks to tackle the super-hero genre online in some interesting ways. PixelStrips.com, a web-based comic community created by Kevin Volo, features over a dozen comics created by established comic creators like Trevor Von Eedon, of DC comic fame, and hot-up-and comers like Victor Poon, creator and writer of Bureau 13. Comics are updated every Wednesday and new creators and comics are joining monthly.

Here is an excerpt from the Bureau 13 launch announcement, “Enter the world of Bureau 13. It is a world where super heroes and super villains are commonplace. Where climatic battles between good and evil take place on a daily basis, and cataclysm is averted by just a hair. This is the world where Echelon agent, Greg Harris, is one of a select few that know the secret identities of all the super heroes and villains operating within the borders of the United States. He has been charged with the duty to not only safe guard these secret identities but also to recruit super heroes into the government?s roster and use them to safeguard the country. For him every day is a battle to keep the status quo. Be it keeping a super hero or villain?s identity from the public, or covering up the birth of a new super hero who has just discovered his super powers assisting a super hero in stopping a super villain from taking over the world. This is his world, his life and his story. Welcome to Bureau 13.


3 thoughts on “Bureau 13 Joins PixelStrips.com

  1. there are an increasing number of superhero comics on the web – perhaps you should do a show about them some day!

  2. Kevin from Pixelstrips here. I come more from the print comic realm so I really just want to put comics up that I think people will like, whether they are superhero, vampires or whatever. We are actually oing to be putting up some really cool stuff in the next few days, all really funny stuff. But look for more \”pure\” superheros comics in the weeks to come!

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