Lulu Debuts New Bob The Squirrel Collections

Lulu is quickly becoming the de-facto option for publishing comics to print independently. So many cartoonists have taken advantage of their service this year they could open their own comic book shop. We recently got a press release about two new Bob The Squirrel collections from Frank Page going live on Lulu. Here are all the details.

From the press release: “Cartoonist Frank Page is pleased to announce the release of two new BOB THE SQUIRREL comic strip collections. SOMETIMES A SQUIRREL IS JUST A SQUIRREL collects over 200 of the funniest comic strips from 2004 — everything from putting a swimming pool in the living room to dealing with a perm that gets just a little bit out of control. SUNDAY BOBS is a full color collection of all the greatest sunday BOB THE SQUIRREL STRIPS. The comic strip is syndicated through — the electronic division of Andrews McNeel/ Universal Press Syndicate. It is viewed by thousands of fans daily on, and the official site:

BOB THE SQUIRREL can also be seen on the comics page of the Rome Daily
Sentinel. Both collections are available for purchase through


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