Serious Topics In Wecomics And Other News

I’m always trying to get more of my friends to get into webcomics. A common concern is that a lot of people crave more in depth and powerful story telling that touches on real issues. If you know anyone who has these concerns, send them over to Questionable Content.

While new readers won’t be as affect since they won’t be as attached to Jeph Jaques characters as regular readers they will still find a powerful story in progress.

Jaques is currently working with the sensitive topic of suicide. Having known several people to take their own life, I’ve really been interested in this story line. Check it out and if you’re really interested read Eric Burns Websnark post on today’s strip.

The Ryans of The Ryans announced that they will be selling a calendar and have released a few pages on their site.

I found an interesting article on comicon about the biggest troublemakers in webcomics. While I’ve never understood where all the drama comes from, I can’t deny it’s the best free entertainment since, well, webcomics. Take a read.

Finally, Checkerboard Nightmare’s back, sort of. Chex and the gang will be making commentary of the webcomic scene whenever creator Kristoker Straub has something to say.


4 thoughts on “Serious Topics In Wecomics And Other News

  1. I agree that there are serious comics to be found, although I find QC to be too dialogue heavy (tho I love the artwork).

    The problem being that web comics are following the same track that comic books laid down in America – kids stuff. Sure, it\’s the easiest way to break into the medium, so it\’s perfectly fine.

    Hopefully the medium will mature and we\’ll see things as good as what Alan Moore, Eisner and such breaking through.

    And yeah, I\’m trying a shot at it myself with something that\’s more literate than lite.

  2. I guess it not a major news item but, since I was so fond of webcomic I just wanted to mention Dandy and Company has gone on an indefinite hiatus while it creator Derrick Fish works out some personal issues…

  3. Serious subject matter can be hit or miss in webcomics — some readers will love it, others will demand you hury up and bring back \”teh funny.\” My comic focuses on a bunch outcast teens, and as depression and suicide are of growing concern in that age group, these issues are brought up alot. Luckily the response from my readers is highly positive. In fact, one of the most popular story arcs to date involved suicide…

    Disassemblance -Admonitions

  4. Well no comic actually nothing pleases everybody all the time. Everything is hit or miss.

    That\’s what I love about webcomics and the World Wide Web in general. If I don\’t like something, I can skip it.

    Actually the thing I like most about OC is its relience on dialouge. I like strips that aren\’t afraid to leave their normal jokes for a while and tell a different flavor of story.

    That\’s just me though. Like we\’ve all said. There\’s plenty out there for everybody.

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