Absence Making the Heart Grow Fonder

Sorry for the lack of attention recently folks. Both Daku and I are on the road for the next week. Daku is in Europe and I’m in Mexico. I didn’t expect stable web access was going to be so hard to find. I’m actually posting this from a PDA connected to a cell phone.

Anyway, I get beck to Philly next week and then I’ll be heading off to Ireland, so this whole month will be pretty spotty in terms of hearing from me. We’re going to do our best to keep the shows coming out on time. That’s dedication for ya. I can’t make the same promise about anything else though. I know there’s a backlog of email and I’m sorry to everyone who’s sent us messages, press releases, and questions. I’ll get to all of you as soon as I get back home. We love you all!


3 thoughts on “Absence Making the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. Hey, let me know if Europe includes Berlin, Germany. I\’ve played tour guide to man a person…and introduced them to the joy that is an Absinthe bar.

    Of course, since you\’re both on the road, you probably won\’t get this. :shrug:
    Enjoy your vacations, if that\’s what they really are.

  2. Enjoy your trips guys.

    I\’ll be around for most of the month, so if anyone has big news or something along those lines, you can send it to me at TheShindog(a)yahoo.com. I\’ll try to get it posted for you.

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