Here Comes Trouble. Hey, Mr. Wilson!

I trust that you fans (I’m going to call you “Digital Strippers” from now on) recall that Joey Manley has a regular column at El Pulse and that some people even claim it is good.

Most recently, real estate mogul Manley has writ on the subject of the Top 5 Troublemakers in Webcomics, essentially a gossip column… I prefer to call it Because the Stakes Are So Small.

Scott Kurtz, who has asked to remain anonymous, had this to say.

For the record, I enjoyed the column and I think Joey is a very decent writer. But given the context, I agree with Scott, though I’m sure that Joey has his reasons.


*the Geek already posted about this in his last post, subtly embedded beneath his gushing about QC. But I won’t take it back.
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2 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble. Hey, Mr. Wilson!

  1. Gushing?

    Anyways, I read Kurtz\\\’s comments too. This combined with a big debate in my office about the validity of blogs has got me thinking a lot about what we do here.

    My person opinion is that having outsiders keep tabs on the world of webcomics (or anything for that matter) is good thing. Strength comes from a combination of many opinions.

    Having critics can serve as a middle man between potential new readers and the oftimes intimidating world of webcomics.

    That being said, sometimes common sense should be applied to what we post.

    I may be a little biased but I think everyone here serves this role well.

    What do you other digital strippers (catchy title) think?

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