DS 68: Review of Sordid City Blues

Digital Strips : Show 68
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Phil shows us his softer side with this nomination for the Soap channel. Sordid City Blues gets a wide range of responses from each member of the show as we disect it from every little plot down to the angst that seems to be required from young twenty somethings.
In this episode we talk about:

  • Sordid City Blues by Charles Schneeflock Snow
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    7 thoughts on “DS 68: Review of Sordid City Blues

    1. Thanks for reviewing my comic, guys. I feel famous now.

      The only thing that bugs me is that you all kept pronouncing Mynah\’s name wrong! Seriously, since when is \’my\’ pronounced \’me\’?


    2. Did anyone find themselves leaning in really close to their speakers in order to hear Phil and Daku on to jerk back, ears ringing whenever Zampzon piped in?

      I sure did.

    3. I don\’t know if he co-opted the show, the strip was his pick, so he\’s going to be more invested in it then the other guys. As far as sound quality goes I was listening to this while working on the other side of the room, and I heard all three just fine. I like Phil as a member of the show, if I had a critique it would be that he should be less defensive about his positions. Just state what he has to say and then let the other say what they have to.

      Anyway, good show I just finished the archives. I\’ll be listening from now on!

      ~Steve Sloan.

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