A Word… On My Opinions and Me

My name is Gabriel Dunston and I am the new opinion writer here on Digitalstrips. I submit that this is indeed cool. I have been bestowed the great honor of ranting to a number of people who have actual intelligence and the luxury of reading my work and instantly researching my subject matter in order to make their own opinions and then (consequently) shove my own down my throat.

I deem that as a great service because, honestly, how many times have you read an opinion in which you wanted quickly respond with “You have no idea what you are talking about…” “You’re a slimy ignorant scum bag…” or of course my personal favorite: “Yeah? Well SO IS YOUR MOM!!!” I personally have always wanted to say these things and more to the opinion columnists I have read in the past and now through the advent of The Internet and geniuses such as Daku and Zampson… YOU CAN!

Now when I write something like “Digital strips is awesome” you can promptly respond with an informed, “Yes I agree”. Or if I were to mention something along the lines of “Micro payments are lunacy” or “Ctrl Alt Del hasn’t an original bone in its body” or even “Cat Garza is a flaming hippy” you may respond with a hearty and triumphant “Exactly how retarded ARE you?” and I support that.

Support it?

Hell I encourage it.

So, my brothers and sisters in web comic justice let us begin our journey of opinionated entertainment. I promise to make it as fun as I can.


8 thoughts on “A Word… On My Opinions and Me

  1. NO NO NO… Gabriel (me) is definitely a dude\’s name. Which is convenient because I am in fact a dude. Just to clear things up: -PookeyG- = DUDE

  2. \”PookeyG = DUDE\”
    That\’s almost funny unto itself. Waddaup, Pookey G, my dear home skillet? (Besides defending a name that\’s for boys and girls these days?)

    Seriously though what you\’re presenting is an interesting idea. I\’m kind of frightened of what you\’re encouraging, since it\’s inviting, in many ways, the worst part of internet communication…that whole \”not thinking before you type\” crap. Then again, I don\’t know if your sentiment is meant to be satirical or an omen of offensive and risky opinions to come. Either way, good luck and read you later.

  3. You gotta respect a guy who peers into the maelstrom of webcomics drama and says, \”Come on, take a swing at me. It\’ll be fun.\”

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