[Comic] DS Comic Update and Phil’s Audio

Here’s another Digital Strips comic. Moving right along in my little story I’m expanding the world a tad. I need a place where we can mention all our new additions to the roster, so I’m getting the comic to a place where other characters can come and go.

On another note, we’ve gotten some complaints about the audio quality in recent shows. In case you didn’t catch this situation, Phil’s computer has gone kaput. We’ve been calling him on his cell phone for the past few shows and while you can still hear and understand him it still sounds like a person on a cell phone. Hopefully Phil will get a new hard drive soon and we can get back our normal audio quality.


2 thoughts on “[Comic] DS Comic Update and Phil’s Audio

  1. The only problem I have with audio quality is that you record the show a bit too quiet. The intro and ending music are at good levels, but when you are talking I have to turn the volume way up. Nice strip too. Zampzon\’s expression in the last panel sells the line.

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