[News] Sneak a Peak at the Diary of a Cartoonist

If you like web comics and podcasts (and I have a sneaky suspicion that you do), your two worlds have collided again in another fine Internet program.

Scott Johnson, the man behind the ExtraLife comic strip, has recently started a new podcast called Diary of a Cartoonist. Diary is different than most web comics podcasts for two reasons. First, rather than discussing or reviewing strips that are out in the market, through the show Johnson gives the listener a behind the scenes look at how he makes a comic. Also, rather than pure audio, Dairy includes images that coincides with what Johnson is talking about at that point. This means you have to be able to play MPEG 4 format files.

I think it’s a cool look at the process involved in making strips. Since I haven’t made my own comic yet, I find it a good way to learn how. Since ExtraLife cartoons are almost always single panel, it’s not a long show but it doesn’t need to be.

Johnson is one of the most prolific podcasters out there. His main podcast ExtraLife Radio is a hilarious group show which has featured an interview delving into the history of Digital Strips and various mispronouncings of my name. His site is one that I go to several times a day and he seems to have a new show that he’s doing and so far he’s done well keeping up with it all.

Just for fun, here’s a little chuckle I found via a link on Dinosaur Comics. If you haven’t seen the real origins of Superman, clicky-click.


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