DS 67: Review of Falcon Twin

Digital Strips : Show 67
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We finally get back to our roots after covering the NY ComicCon and our Joey Manley review. In this review we talk about the manga inspired comic Falcon Twin. It looks like this comic has raised more then the typical I like this I hate this.
In this episode we talk about:

  • Falcon Twin by Brenden Mecleary
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    5 thoughts on “DS 67: Review of Falcon Twin

    1. Is anyone else getting an error though iTunes? Message:

      \”DigitalStrips: The Web Comics Podcast\” does not seem to be a valid Podcst URL.
      Please check that you have entered the correct URL and try again.

      I tried to unsubscribe and resubscribe but that didn\’t work. All of the other podcast are working. And the file is there and the site is up, so I think it might just be an iTunes problem.

    2. Sorry about that folks, looks like there was a typo in the RSS feed. I fixed the code and it should be working again now.

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